Log not being ranked correctly (resolved)

EDIT: Resolved - see response below. I completely forgot there was a nonstandard comp listing since the first parse had three Samurai as the other DPS. Dumb question to ask in the first place on my part, essentially

I recently tried uploading a log from earlier tonight. I understand logs take some time to be ranked, but this one is a peculiar case in the sense that when I click on the “Rankings” tab, it shows me number 1 out of 156 people, which is obviously incorrect.

The log in question is here: https://www.fflogs.com/reports/Dj67WXLnz9tRbGvf#fight=1&view=rankings

I reuploaded it multiple times and am not sure what the issue is. I also tried to re-export to no avail. I sent the file for someone else to upload, but that did nothing to remedy the issue as well. I also made sure I was uploading to the NA region, as I am on the Leviathan (Primal) server.

Technically speaking, I shouldn’t be rank one on Susano with this parse, as there are other SMNs with higher numbers in the rankings, so not sure why I am being ranked #1 with 100% Perf.

I have a log from the same party that ended up uploading and ranking just fine; i didn’t restart ACT or anything, so both parses are part of the same log (before splitting) but this one isn’t ranking for whatever reason. Is the log itself corrupted, or is this a site issue? Thanks in advance.

Edit: The second log that I am referring to is here: https://www.fflogs.com/reports/wj6Dyxk4CmhbFHMR
The first log and this one were all recorded one after another and the second one appears on my page when you look at my parses under Susano but the first is not ranking anyone at all. (To clarify - yes, both logs are public.)

It looks like your first log has 3 SAM’s in it, which appears to put it in the “non-standard composition” category, in which you are ranked #1:

Apparently only having 2 SAM’s in your second parse made it a “standard composition” and thus was ranked alongside everyone else.

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I feel like that should have been extremely obvious LUL, and thank you for the response! That explains a lot.