Incorrect fflog parses showing up in Standard Comp (3.55b+)

Good Morning,

It was brought to my attention while looking at old parses (because I like to reminiscence alot) that some logs were incorrectly being assigned to the wrong standard comp section. Despite the fact that 3.55b+ section is not the official section, it still doesnt change the fact that our effort to reach the top speed kill in our server should go to waste.

Before Patch 3.56 hit, we (Monarchy) were the number 1 kill on the Odin server. Yesterday, I checked that were no longer the top speed kill due to two kills being recorded on patch day.

Here are the links to the two kills mentioned above:



After checking the date of their upload and the frequency of their record sessions, it seems that logical that these were updated after.

Kindly, please remove these parses or re-allocate them to the correct section. If these were legit, I would like to know at what times were these kills were submitted.




Thank you for remove the first one from the list. However, the second one has not been removed despite the Echo Buff which was introduced on that day (patch day). Please update.

Thank you,


Hmmm it’s been blacklisted. You sure they didn’t have a duplicate report?