Not showing on ranking tab, analyze tab showing a dash ( - )

Under the following logs:

My warlock ( omgcookies ) is not showing on some fights on the rankings, but under the analyze > damage done tab, it shows with a dash.

Advanced Combat Logging. Network pane of System preferences in-game.

Advanced Combat Logging IS enabled, if you look at the other fights on that log, about half are showing my character correctly. It appears that the fights where I have extremely high parses are the ones that are having this issue.

ENCOUNTER_START/COMBATANT_INFO are missing. Do you use an autologger that is leaving them out? This causes a fallback to the old WoD spec detection code, which doesn’t properly detect a few specs.

not that I know of, I just use the warcraftlogs live logger, and manually enable logging in-game. But - why would that only happen on like 3 fights, then the others be fine, I didn’t stop / restart logging or anything…

I am having the same problem. New to this forum, should I make a new thread and paste my log or?

Same issue here.