Issue with Nightbane log (tbcc)

Hey there! Never had an issue with logs before, but on our last classic tbc nightbane kill it only shows 3 people in the logs for rankings, and as the raid comp. It shows everyone on the damage/healing portions. I attached the logs below.

any help would be appreciated, people want their ranks/points hehe.

Did you ever receive feedback on this? I’m having a similar issue.

There’s a blizzard bug with nightbane where they leave off the combatant info and start, and so I have no way of telling it’s a TBC log if you don’t upload more of the log file. Upload the whole file or make sure a COMBAT_LOG_VERSION line is included in the upload so I can establish that the log is TBC.

In general, either live logging Nightbane or trying to select specific raids and upload only Nightbane is a bad idea until Blizzard fixes the bug.

Maybe this deserves its own thread, but I have an issue with a Prince log, where one healer is just not included at all in the ranking, but yet they are listed in the fight data.

Nightbane frequently leaves off talent info (bug on Blizzard’s end), so I look for any 31+ point talent usage I can find. If I see nothing, I can’t figure out the spec and have to give up.

Hello, do you know why my parse % shows up as “-” on nightbane? I killed nightbane 3 times, 1st time it showed up ok but the next two times shows up like this. Seems to be OK on everything else. Please let me know if it can be fixed. Thank you.