Need some explanation

In this log damage from legendary ring(first time) has few incomprehensible events

(if link doesn’t work - try this link and next expression ( = "Nithramus" or = "Maalus" or = "Thorasus") )

As you see - here 5 events on 2 targets(the mob and the boss) and 8 events on 1 target(only the boss). So, the question is: why only 5 events was duplicate for the mob and other 8 events - doesn’t?
As I know, if damage from legendary ring shared on few targets - events shared too.

And one more question: what mean letter O and letter A in damaged events? I guess, that O means - Overdamage(or Overkill) and A - Absorb, but found in logs next string:

RogueNickname Maalus Archimonde (A: 2441995)

Can’t remember that Archimonde can absorb some damage.
With respect

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Let me try to answer.

  1. The add died from ring explosion with a massive overkill. When that happens, some players’ ring explosion counts as damage done to the dying target and other player’s ring doesn’t. You can see that timestamps for ring explosions are a bit different for different players in your log. So, those whose rings were the first ones to explode get their damage to count, others don’t.

  2. Your rogue must have had Spirit Shift buff on. It’s a trinket that absorbs all damage done for the duration of the proc and then explodes for a single hit of all absorbed damage with a multiplier. When that trinket procs, all damage done by the player counts as Absorbed.
    O means Overkill, yes.

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