Mythic Zul rankings

Given the nature of Mythic Zul (continually re/spawning Crawg adds, and the availability of pad), should the encounter be removed from All Stars?

While removing it is common for this kind of encounter which encourages heavy padding on adds that isn’t conductive to ending the encounter, I’d like to suggest a different approach, for the simple reason that not a lot of people actually use All Star rankings.

I love the idea of them, and they’re a fun metric of competition, but in my experience far more people only look at percentile rankings and historical/average parses, which are still created regardless of being removed from All Stars. Whether someone is assessing a guild applicant, or simply shooting for bragging rights, they’re still incentivized to continue to pad on those encounters.

If removing the encounter from All Stars doesn’t curb that behavior… what will? If feasible, I think the better solution would be to leave the encounter on All Stars, but only count Boss/Priority target damage for purposes of rankings.

Yes, the Crawgs still need to die within a certain timeframe, but that’s done so much through passive cleave (Bladestorm/Frozen Orb/Rogue & Lock funneling ST) that it’s going to happen anyway, without encouraging players to also sacrifice ST to hit them in the name of pushing ranks. With so many encounters in the game that encourage players to sacrifice ST in order to push AoE for ranks, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have one that incentivizes players to value Single Target instead.