Zaqali is not giving allstar points

I’ve recently noticed that the Zaqali fight does not award all star points for any fight on any diffculty. Is there something wrong with my page or is this happening to others?

Hi there, that’s because Assault of the Zaqali has been removed from All Stars.

Is there a reason for this? I tried to do a quick search on the board but couldn’t find anything specific. I’ve been known to be blind in the past

It was removed due to infinitely spawning adds and excessive padding. In general, the best way of keeping up to date on things is our Discord: Warcraft Logs and not the forums! (We did forget to announce there though for this one…) - but a lot of the discussions surrounding the topic was on Discord.

So, I joined the discord and checked out the mentions and I guess I still don’t quite understand the decision. If the justification is that this fight has room for abuse and you want to prevent that from interfering with “legitimate play” on the logs then why are there still logs like this?