Mythic+ tracking


I mostly run mythic+ dungeons and I’m having difficulty getting the logs to look right. It doesn’t have breakdowns by bosses and as a result, it’s difficult to analyze aside from an entire run perspective.

In reading the forums, I saw a suggestion where I should start tracking before the key is inserted but when I did that, the logs were even worse.

What is the best way to log mythic dungeon runs and are there plans in the future to improve those?

Just make sure combat logging is turned on in-game before you put the keystone in and it will be fine.

If you have an autologger that you’re using instead of just typing /combatlog, then make sure you have it configured to do this.

I can’t get more specific without knowing what autologger you’re using.

Thanks for the reply. Here is an example of a log I created today: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

I did /combatlog before the keystone was inserted. I am not using any autologger aside from the native one.

That’s how it’s supposed to look. Click on the Bosses and Trash dropdown to see individual pulls or to filter to all trash, bosses or all pulls of specific bosses.

Ah gotcha. Classic user error. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.