Mythic+ logging

Extremely basic questions: How do you log your mythic+ dungeons? Are you able to automatically have logging start and stop? If so, how?

I use the AMR addon to automatically turn logs off and on for raiding and it works fine. It doesn’t have an option for M+s though, so I have to turn on logs manually. I sometimes fail at this but I encounter another issue in that logging turns off during the runs. I don’t know when (sometimes my logs are completely empty, meaning it turned off right away) or why. I’ve never seen a message that logging turned off.

Has anyone else experienced this? Are there tools for ensuring that logging is always happening? Are there things/addons to check because they might be the interference? I’m at a loss right now for what to do next.

I have the Ask Mr. Robot addon. There are options to auto log every time you step into an instance.

Thanks for the reply!

I also have the AMR addon but its logging options are limited to raids: Uldir, Dazar’alor and Crucible. Is there something else in the addon that I’ve missed? I looked around, didn’t see anything.

I did a test last night while using a weak aura that shows whether combat logging is on or off. I turned off AMR and DBM and my logging stayed on for the entire run. I’ll do more tests later to see if it is one of them or the combination causing my problem.

O.k., I am probably not remembering correctly. I rarely upload or look at dungeon logs and pretty much just focus on raiding. The AMR addon is pretty much ‘set and forget’, so I probably forgot it didn’t do dungeons.