All Mythic+ keystone log now bugged

Hey there, im having some issues with my mythic+ keystone runs logs .

For some reason it is also tracking all the trash in the run (didnt use to) and it no longer solidifies the run in "1 kill"

I have tried uploading the log multiple times, but it never changes.

Here is an example of what my mythic+ logs used to be not sure what changed.

Also perhaps my uploader is just bugged so just in case, here is a link to the txt file for a bugged log.

I hope someone can help me :frowning:
Using exsorsus raid tools to automaticly record logs on dungeon/raid enter. (never had issues with it before)

ERT is flaky on Mythic+ now. You can’t use it. It’s not logging the start oft he dungeon.

Oh interesting :open_mouth: (so i can still use ERT in raids?)
what should i be using to start a combat log recording for mythic+ then?