My logs are not showing Mythic Plus fights as Mythic plus and instead just as random low 5mans

Last 3 times I’ve tried to upload the logs look like this. before this, I had a few fail like this before reuploading and having them work (which doesn’t work on theses now)

I heard maybe these might be in stealth mode, so I created my own guild and joined it. Uploaded as that guild to see if that helped, but it didn’t


Can you try manually doing the /combatlog command before a Mythic+ key starts and uploading that log and seeing if there are still issues?
If so, could you send us a ticket to with the raw log file of the run so I can take a look at it?

2 of 3 of my logs last night did upload after manually typing it out instead of dbm doing it for me. I will try again tonight to see if all logs work. The log that didnt work, was a kara 18 that bugged out making awkward to complete and i think logs seen how broken mob spells where.