Character does not show on Warcraft Logs

Hi, transferred my main about a month back, and cannot get parses to appear. My character is Velayna on Ragnaros (EU). Any help, please?

I was previously Velayna of Dentarg just for your information.

Do you have an example of a parse where you aren’t showing up?

Fresh one.

I see you ranked just fine on that parse, so not sure what the issue is?

You cannot search for my character, pretty annoying :slight_smile:

Actually, im a tool. Ignore me, it’s quite fine. Brain fart.

Keep in mind that the autocompletion goes by “accesses” of the character page, so it will float to the top as you access it. The other Velaynas are just winning for now until you view the page a bit more. Make sure to go to the full search to see all results rather than the small # of results that the autocompletion returns.

I was certain though my character wasn’t showing at all until tonight. Oh well. Thanks.