Machinist Wildfire Issues

It’s common knowledge that wildfire parses weird with more than one machinist in the group, but in some causes like Faust, a single machinist can “absorb” other machinists wildfires.

For example:

Here you can see Kinsara absorb Sjeiks Wildfire, as it hits twice in 10 seconds. Under Kinsara’s abilities, it shows one Wildfire cast and 2 hits, and Sjeik with 0 casts. He’s sure he casted it and can see it in a video replay, it just shows up under the other machinist.

It doesn’t seem to steal Sjeik’s wildfire as much as make Kinsara’s hit twice, which is weird.

Another example is the top machinist for Hummelfaust right now:
You can see under abilities again, 1 cast 2 hits and one machinist is missing a wildfire.

Looking at the graph again, you can see the absorbed wildfire. This one is particular weird though, since they aren’t on the boss at the same time. Plus, they’re different numbers.

Still, 2 wildfires going off in under a minute is impossible without spear, which wasn’t on at the time of the first cast.

Could probably find more, it’s likely fairly common with multiple machinist groups. I’m sure it’d be a tricky problem to fix though since even ACT can’t deal with wildfires properly. Just figured I’d report this in the off chance it can be looked at.

Thanks, will look into it. It’s not supposed to allow that, so something must have gone wrong.