More bugged logs

Zero second parse:

Bugged log (appears to be the old double saved log since this is from October - you can see the dip to large negative numbers at around 5 minutes in):

This log is also a double saved log:

Ok, blacklisted them all. I wish I could figure out how people are double saving. I deliberately disable the button when it is hit, but maybe Carbine allows two clicks to go through anyway?

Another double saved log (the forum appears to be getting annoyed that I’m posting too many links to the same host so remove the space after www.):

Might be a problem with carbine where the 2 button press events are queued before either buttons’ onPress function is called to disabled the button. I haven’t looked into the code but maybe a global variable that is checked/set at the beginning of the onPress function could prevent it from being called twice at the same time, even if it is being called twice almost simultaneously?

I fixed the forum setting (in theory) so it shouldn’t complain again. I’ll investigate a global flag and see if I can stop the double save using that.

Another double saved parse:

2 more broken logs

1 more:

2 more broken logs
loving the title on the 2nd one :wink:

I know few people care for dungeons, but still :stuck_out_tongue:

There are obviously bugging up the rankings:

This seems somewhat legit (1st boss same run), but dunno if trustworthy after the other 2 fights?