Player cherry picking bad log

I’m sorry for starting a post, but I could not find any other post similar to this, other than you not wanting people to cherry pick logs.

I helped out a friend’s FC get one of there people through Sigmascape 5 Savage a few days ago. I ended up parsing pretty high on it, which ended up being my best parse for the fight. The person who uploaded the log died several times and decided to delete the log the next day. I confronted them about it that they shouldn’t be doing that and it messes with the statistical data, so they put it back up. The next day it was gone again.

I’m not sure if anything can happen to this person, but I just don’t want them to keep doing this to other people. I have a bot in discord that spewed out my best dps for sigma savage 5-8, which shows what I had. I also have text messages on discord which show that they did delete the log.

Thank you for your time in viewing this post!