Logs showing in reports but not on the guild calendar

Hi there,
I’m a gold member and have been using the Warcraft logs app & site for just a short while, and so far all logs have shown up just perfectly, and all instantly.
After Last night none of the logs show up for the whole evening, yet the reports show the logs, but i am unable to get them to appear on the guild calendar.
Sadly i have deleted these from my wow folder, even though i did try to load them after raiding, but this didn’t work either.
I may be missing doing something very simple, if so would appreciate any & all help.


Actually i just scrolled back and found some of them under a different date, The 26th of march, they should be showing on the 2nd of April, plus one that has the Date Thursday April 2nd 2015 when i click on the report, yet shows in the reports tab as Sat April 2nd 2016, something very wrong…


I have the same issue:
As you can see, on 3rd of March, we have 3 raid logs.
One of them is from the 3rd: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/NnpqDXY7c1GJxVBK#boss=1799&wipes=1
one from the 4th: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/jRQBrnKkg4PVC1Mq
and the last from tonight (7th): https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/BCATJGaQW12qt4Vd#boss=1799&wipes=1

I assume the logs aren’t uploaded properly by the client ?
I uploaded the fight using the tool that unables you to chose which fights to upload, from a big log file (did not split it before hand).
Using splited logs, it behave as it is supposed to. I’ll leave the missplaced logs online for a few days if you want so you can check them out. I can also upload the entire log file should you need it ?

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards,