Issue with Calendar when uploading a log retroactively

Look at this:

Mainly look at the latest week (16th and 17th March).

Basically, I uploaded Wednesday’s raid normally as it was happening, live. That works well. On Thursday, I did not upload the first 2 pulls and started live (and that also shows on the Calendar properly). Today, I said "let’s upload the entire Thursday of those pulls and then delete the live-Thursday uploads).

But look what happens. The upload I did today, Friday, of the pulls of Thursday, show up in Wednesday!

I do not know what would happen if I delete Thursday, but I doubt it would fix it.

This has happened before, it’s not a fluke. It’s consistent behavior.

That’s probably because you re-uploaded Wednesday’s raid (if you never cleared the combat log file it’s still there). Reports just show up on the earliest day. I don’t have a notion of detecting all the raids in a report and breaking it into a bunch of calendar entries.

I have not touched Wednesday’s report. As I described, I re-uploaded a Thursday’s log in a Friday, and that new one appears in Wednesday! I’ve seen that happening before, it’s not new.

I expected the behavior to be either to show a log at the right day it happened, or at the very least at the day it was uploaded (though I would find the latter very problematic).

If it matters, the way I re-uploaded Thursdays report in a Friday was to pick only those pulls with a manual regular “Upload a Log -> Select Specific Raids to Upload” and choosing only Thursday’s.

Yeah that’s why. “Select Specific Raids” doesn’t actually change the start time of the report right now. It’s on my list of things to fix, but it’s complicated by needing to scan for pet summon events that can occur outside the range you selected.

Alright, I think I can just work with renaming the upload and making an explict name. e.g. “Thursday - fixed upload”. No biggie.