Logs not showing in frontpage except for uploader's

My ranking page doesn’t have the log (neither do the other people in the party), but it shows for the person who uploaded in theirs. The log seems to be public aswell.
The log
My Front Page
The uploader’s front page
Is there anything that can be done?

You uploaded to the wrong region probably (NA instead of EU or vice versa). Select that in the uploader.

I encountered the same Problem in the last couple of days.
Both users (me and a friend) are on EU (Cerberus and Phoenix) and i uploaded all the logs in my personal space as public on EU (quadruople checked the settings).
When she uploads her parse its displayed correctly for her but when i upload parses where she is included, they will not be displayed for her.
Any guesses?

same problem for me, and its not the location. it may be a problem with the new patch.