Personal Logs not showing up on character page [RESOLVED]

I’m new to logging so not sure if I’m just doing something wrong but the logs that I upload (example; don’t seem to show up on my character page ( but the logs of others do, I have asked FC members and looked through the forums but can’t seem to find an answer.

All help is welcomed and appreciated

I have had all of my logs recently randomly either not show up or work as expected, it happens around 50% of the time. If you look around, there are multiple bug reports like this for fflogs on this forum. I guess the site is just bugged and I really hope the devs are actually working on this despite not giving any replies here whatsoever.

Server information is not included in logs, so FFLogs is forced to use heuristics to try to guess what server you belong to. In the case where you have picked a name that is common enough that there are duplicate candidates with that job and name, FFLogs has no choice but to give up, since it can’t disambiguate.

I’ve checked FFlogs and Lodestone and am yet to find someone else named Evelyn Chelewae despite both names being in auto-gen, I’m not sure if its something to do with my ACT settings or not but my logs just don’t get ranked whatsoever. The only ranked logs that exist for my character are one uploaded by other people

You are uploading to the wrong region from the uploader. For personal logs, you have to select the correct region in the uploader (NA vs EU etc.)

OH! i never noticed the region selection when uploading, that would presumably resolve the issue. Honestly not surprised that it was an error on my part, new to logging and I’m not the smartest