I can't see the log on the character page

It’s been a problem for a long time.
The upload of the log completed normally, and the log was available on the personal log page.
However, the log does not exist on the Character page.

I wonder why the log is not reflected for some reason, or is it just a simple error.

What should I do to solve this?

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Are you uploading to the wrong region? Right now you’re uploading to North America. If that is wrong, you need to change that in the uploader (click your personal logs box and pick a different region).

It was confirmed that the log uploaded as an example in the body was posted on the character page, but only the log uploaded by the friend who played the same game was applied, and my log was still not applied.

I am playing games with Japanese people, but my game works in English. When uploading the log, the game client’s language settings and the upload program’s language settings were the same.

Another friend who plays games in the same environment as me (using an English client on a Japanese server) was confirmed to be immediately reflected in the page when uploading logs with the same settings as mine.

The region picked for personal logs upload should be what server you’re playing on, so you’d want to pick Japan if you played on a Japanese server.

I’ll check it out next time. Thank you.