Logs are ranking me as a Fury when I'm tanking

This isn’t retroactive; you need to re-export the log to get it to update. I didn’t recrawl every Classic log.

I did a re-export for all the reports you just linked, and they all corrected.

Really? Because my ragnaros fight from 2 weeks ago that had me as fury before, switched to prot and gave me rank 1 on it.

I exported everything mentioned in this thread as a test.

Interesting… why did https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/hFvqGcw4yNA68naX#fight=90&type=damage-done change me to tank without being reuploaded?

Because I re-exported it. As I said in the previous message, I re-exported every single report mentioned in this thread to test the new code.

Ohhh duh I’m stupid. I thought you meant just the ones I linked in my last post, which didn’t include that one. I completely forgot I mentioned it earlier, sorry about that.

So then for majordomo is there a way to get at least the top 16 tank parses? (more of them are mismarked too, but Bz is the first real tank I know on that list. The one bastard I need to try and beat rofl)

I’m not recrawling yet, since I still need to fix the boss+adds scenario.

I can’t imagine how much “fun” it must be working with all the classic crap. :stuck_out_tongue:

Logs are considering fury DPS as tanks if the boss melees them(with the current threshold), but id recommend possibly implementing a change that considers them a tank only if they use a Taunt, mocking blow, challenging shout, or high threat ability(like righteous fury).

If none of those are detected(immune or no taunts needed), maybe then do the ‘eating x melee hits’ because that means that threat likely stayed on the intended targets the whole time, or on a fight with immunes, that the best way to determine threat is by melee hits. On a fight with 8 melee hits, 2 of them is over the current threshold to become a tank. Since speed kills are the name of the game, a lot of fury dps are showing up as tanks and are skewing tank parses as well as dps parses.

Log examples:

I had upped it to 30% for adds already. I’ll try upping the add threshold even further to 35%.

30% with adds is pretty good as i noticed it was working pretty well on Sulfuron and Domo, but the first log is shazz which is no adds and just speedkills, resulting in a 1 melee hit threshold. The second log is Luci with adds and only a 2 or 3 hit threshold.

As kills get faster, this will continue to be a problem.

Thanks for taking a look into this Kihra.

I upped boss threshold to 33.33% (repeating of course).

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Lol, I’m sure that will help a few of us out here pushing the limits on bosses like Luci, Sulfuron, and Domo(and maybe whelps in UBRS). Did you see what I meant regarding Shazzrah and 2 melee hits being considered as a tank? The other top tank parse on the server is the same situation.


Hi guys,

What about making War considered as Tank if they use Shield Block/Shield Slam who are the core of a real tanking gameplay. War DW are just DPS specs who leech rage by taking melees hit no?
Just my PoV but i think it will make everyone happy.

PS : Yes i want to rank with my shield! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!
We still ran into this problem last night on Onyxia. I tanked her for P1, then another tank grabbed her and held aggro for P3. Any idea if there is anything still to be done to adjust thresholds to account for multiple tanks on Onyxia? Lmk, would love to have fights like this included in my Tank parses.
Here is a link to the logs:

Hello Khira,

Have you seen my question? What do you think about it?

Thanks for all your job dude

There is a unique problem in classic when tanking, there are a lot of players tanking as fury, using bloodthirst and in full DPS gear, so being a tank using shield slam, you cannot compare yourself to other tanks in your similar situation.
The tanks going as fury, currently, have to fundamentally change the way they structure their raids, so that they can kill the boss before the healers go oom, and have enough healers to be able to heal the tank that is getting hammered hard because the whole idea is to get crit to keep enrage up.

It would be great if you could separate out the prot warriors from the fury warriors, so we can compare ourselves in a realistic way.

Hey I know this is a very old post but I am running into an issue with this code here. I am tanking on a druid and since my dodge is higher I am getting hit less on domo than the required amount since there are 5 mobs attacking. Here are my logs from the last fight where you can see all 5 of us are clearly tanking but domo hits faster than the other mobs so the count gets higher. Only 2 of us are considered tanks when all 5 are tanking.

Not sure if you can retroactively change it to be a tank parse but I would very much appreciate it since it would be almost tied for first. I think the algorithm is close but possibly lowering the threshold and making it “Casts” instead of “Hits” would further improve it.

I do count dodges and avoidance so that has nothing to do with it. Domo is just hard because the number of tanks people use varies so much, so it’s hard to any heuristic to get it right.