Vaelstraz did not log Any Tank

Howdy, EDIT : @Kihra

Link to fight :

After uploading logs for tonight, and eager to check my log as a Tank on Vaelstrasz particularly, I noticed that no tanks were registered for our Vael fight. I utilized tank-specific moves, and clearly took enough damage to be registered as the only tank for the fight. No tank was logged for the fight, and I scored just under our top fury warrior for a Fury-parse. Could we please find a way to adjust the metrics which determine a Prot vs Fury warrior in order to assure that at least one tank is recorded for each fight? There is no reason that when I took by far the most damage, and even intentionally utilize Prot-specific moves, that I should be registered as a Fury warrior.

I understand that the metrics which determine Prot v Fury is often convoluted, but it would really give me a significant amount of insight into my performance as a Tank if I was actually considered a tank on the fights. This allows me to compare amongst other tanks which actually satisfy the role, and I honestly dont understand how the person with by far first position on threat generation is not considered tank for the fight.

This is the role I opt to play, and not having my data recorded accordingly just serves to reduce the amount of insight I can gain from reviewing data on logs.