Log not getting ranked

This log is not showing any rankings (nor is it showing up on the character pages of participating characters, for that matter): https://www.fflogs.com/reports/ChRgwp24GYQm1V9D

Not that it greatly matters since it’s deltascape normal, but I’m worried something on my end is wrong and/or the site is bugged and future actually important logs are going to be discarded thanks to this.

Got a similiar problem here

I’ve been having the same issue with all of my recent parses

I have a new one, this log is not reflected on any character pages either: https://www.fflogs.com/reports/G4tmXNJqpjw3QAH9/

It’s seriously undermining my will to keep using this site when half the logs I upload don’t show up anywhere. What’s the point of collecting stats if the site decides randomly what’s worth keeping and what isn’t?

As mentioned on a similar thread, server information is not included in logs. If you upload parses to your personal logs without having claimed your character, then FFLogs has absolutely nothing to go on as far as knowledge about what server you play on. It has to look at all possible candidates with that name. After eliminating those that don’t have the job at max level, if it’s left with too many candidates, it is forced to give up.

If you are the one uploading logs and you claim your character on the site, then FFLogs will use your claimed character to clear up any ambiguities.

If you’re not the one uploading, then the best thing you can do is pick a unique name that isn’t used by other people with the same job at max level.

I have claimed my character, which is here: https://www.fflogs.com/rankings/character/10075446/20/

I have personally uploaded these two logs (after claiming my character, not before) on the same account as I have claimed my character:

On top of that, I have checked both fflogs and lodestone and can confirm that there is exactly one single character named “Nyx Lacrima” in the entirety of FFXIV.

Yet, these logs are not reflected on my character page.

Oh, I see what you’re running into. Rankings fall into two categories, standard group comp and non-standard group comp. They’re two separate partitions. You’re getting ranked on those reports, but because the group composition is non-standard, your rank is in that partition instead.

It’s a bug going from the report rankings page over to the character page that it doesn’t show the correct partition, which is why this may not have been very obvious.

The site rewrite (in process) will fix that issue and make it more clear that the report rank is in the non-standard comp partition.

Oh wow, now I feel dumb, that’s true. Sorry for the bother.

The second log from deltascape doesn’t show up on either setting though, but looking at it more closely i could be that something went wrong with the logging since it’s showing both a wipe and a kill as a single kill.