My Char doesn't appear in ranking even with public logs


Last week and yesterday, I put several public logs in FFLogs but none of them give a ranking for my character. I have already linked/claimed my account with my lodestone ( and ).
Moreover, my friend don’t have this issues with thier characters, and they can see their perfomances on the logs I uploaded.
You can see on this two exemples that my character don’t appear in the ranking tab :

I don’t know what I’ve done wrong :confused:
Maybe you have some answers :smiley:
Thank you !

I too am suffering the same issue. I went and obtained some logs last night, and I am not showing up under rankings now that the logs were processed.

EDIT: Reimporting seems to have resolved the issues. Hope this helps you.

Redacted name/link as my issue was resolved.

Thanks you Freyja,

I tried to reimport, ans it works !!
That was really strange but ok it is fixed now !