Live logging keeps failing on MacOS

First boss went fine, 2nd boss I got this:

Error: Line 13431 - 2/25 21:01:33.168 SPELL_DAMAGE,Creature-0-3892-1712-17158-122135-0000131551,“Shatug”,0x10a48,0x0,Creature-0-3892-1712-17158-122477-0000131551,“F’harg”,0xa

This was the live log:

Since 2 weeks or so live logging just won’t work anymore for some reason. Known bug on MacOS maybe?
Think I got errors while live logging at least 5 or 6 times now. Can’t remember what the other errors were. I’ll try again later.

Started with an empty log folder when I restarted WoW
Using uploader version 5.01

That line is cut off. Do you have the original log file?

Afraid not. The log file itself seems fine since I uploaded the entire raid afterwards without any problems.

Makes me suspect they’re writing partial lines to the log file, which would be an epic disaster.

Could it be that WoW is still writing to the logs but your updater starts uploading while writing isn’t done?

I think they started writing partial lines, so I scan a line before it’s finished. They should not be doing this. It’s a regression. I let them know about it, since I think that’s what it is.

Maybe add a workaround? Something like ‘if (is_error && is_lastline) retry_in_5_seconds()’ so the log parsing doesn’t break immediately but after 5 seconds or so?

Hey Kihra,
Did you ever had the chance to look into this deeper? Got a new macbook pro now and still have issues with live logging.

Still can’t properly live log. Uploading after the raid works fine.

Error: Line 5119 - A corrupted line was found that we cannot recover from.