Live logs don´t work

Atm I´m at the palace…

manually uploading logs working fine.

But live logs don´t work since a few days…

Using Warcraft Logs Uploader 5.57 - and also reinstalled…still doesn´t work.

Still no news?

At some friends live logging works fine, others doesn´t log.

New uploader-version - livelogs still don´t work.

At Azshara NHC atm - German client.

If your log file is > 4gb, then blizzard will quit writing to it. The other thing to look for is if you picked the right directory. A couple of patches ago Blizzard restructured things to move everything under a retail subdirectory. Third possibility is you have an in-game add-on turning off logging.

Everything ok - deleting log every day.
Directory is also fine.
No Addon disabling logging.

Manual worked fine:

Still no clue?
Although I installed the update nothing changed so far.