Help please? Cant Live Log

I am very thoroughly confused, I’ve tried everything I read, but nothing is working.
I am unable to live log. I can upload logs manually, and the file for logs shows up when I am doing that, but whenever I attempt to use live logs, there is just no file being shown in the folder.
I can manually go to that same folder, and see the log without the live log… Its only when I attempt to live log.

After the wow files update crap roughly a month ago, I have had issues since then. But previously I was fine

I’m having the same issue. I’m able to upload logs but when going to live log and choosing where the log file is, it’s not detecting the file.

Edit: I’m using version 1.1.18 of the client (the Electron Uploader)

The live logs directory moved to be under World of Warcraft\retail\Logs instead of World of Warcraft\Logs. You need to switch the uploader to point to the new directory location for live logging.

Im looking under that sub folder and its just not in there (first picture)
But in this second picture is me going to the folder without going through wowlogs.
You said I need to switch the uploader to point to the new directory, isnt that just clicking choose and locating the folder/file through the wow logs uploader?

The folder yes. You are not selecting a file; you’re selecting the Logs directory.