Live logging not working

been doing live logs for quite awhile an now they are not working, but if I go an do a manual upload the file is there, but not there for live logging. I delete the files after every run. so need help to figure out the problem

Warcraft Logs or FF Logs? Electron uploader or AIR uploader? What uploader version? Note that a couple of Electron uploader versions had bugged live logging for Warcraft Logs, but latest version should have fixed it.

Warcraft logs, the AIR one, version 1.3.7, also it seems each time I go to use the client it seems to always have a update, as of writing this now it is showing for me to update to version 1.3.8, which I did the update

That’s actually the Electron beta, not AIR. As mentioned live logging was broken briefly In the Electron beta, but should be fixed in the latest version. I just verified that live logging works in 1.3.8.

The Electron version is also updating much more frequently because it’s a beta in active development. You should use the AIR version if you want stability and/or to not participate in beta testing.