Kil'jaeden log kept logging after boss kill

On todays ToS HC guild raid we had a new person logging because our regular raid-logger could not attend.
When killing Kil’jaeden you enter a loading screen. For most of our raiders this is only 0.5-2 seconds long. For me (who was logging the raid) it was 18 seconds long, and for some reason the log included all of that time in the boss kill.

Here is the log:

Looking through the replay the boss dies on the timer 06:49, but the log registered 07:07. Is it possible to edit this log and change it to the correct kill time?

Here is a print screen of the replay on where the boss is seen dead at 06:49 (bottom left corner).

We have many players who improved their log score and would really like this to be fixed!

Thanks in advance!