Logs not showing all trash kills

So in our last guildrun, the logs doesnt seem to add all of our trashkills. On the uploaded log, the first kill is an Lava Annihilator, how ever, if I go inside the actual combat log file, I can clearly see that we engaged and killed the Molten giants first. Is this an usual problem, and is there any way to fix this? Our guildruns wont be timed properly if I can’t fix this.

Can you make the original log file available somewhere for download?

Here is a link to the log:
And here is the warcraftlog:

I just get a 404 at that link.

That run actually qualified fine? It has a 1:31 clear time shown.

Hm, guess I maybe saw something wrong then, well cheers for the help anyways then, if it shows a correct time all is good :slight_smile:

Note the title of trash fights is just a mob involved in the fight. It doesn’t mean that’s the only mob involved.