Issues with Warcraft logs Discord webhook

Hi, I would like to report an issue with the discord webhook. More so to do with the ‘Tools’ sections.

Currently it lists links to the Wipefest page with what looks like an attempt to put an emoji. So all the current members see is :wipefest: Click here to see wipefest, and the same for wowanalyzer it is just :wowanalyzer: with no actual icon.

I have tried adding these to my Discord manually, but the error is still the same. No icons, just a placeholder of text. It looks as if the icon is part of the hyperlink, that could be the root of the issue. I have also enabled the ‘Use external emojis’ permissions under the @everyone role.

See below for the example

Could this either be changed or removed?

These are the emojis added to my Guilds Discord.

Have you checked the specific channel permissions?