Log Data Exploiting/Editing [WoW Classic]

The following logs for 9/6/19 appear to very fishy.

https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/guild/id/476824 is the guild. Combing through the data for 9/6/19 it appears the log from the server first kill has had it’s date changed to reflect an earlier date than what was actually recorded in the log. The main point of evidence to support this is off the second boss. In all of their logs they have 2 hunters dispelling frenzy off magmadar. If this is as if this is in fact a server first kill, it would be impossible to have this as only one book drops off the first boss.to teach tranq shot.

That MC clear isn’t actually from Sep 6. A report will be put on the day of the earliest raid in the report. That person seems to be new to logging, and they are re-uploading all the previous raids every time they upload a report. Since the first Onyxia kill in the report was Sep 6, all the reports are getting put on Sep 6.

That onyxia seems off too by looking at it, I am not sure how warcraft logs is able to fetch the equipment data, however it is showing that two of the players in the raid already had the tier 2 helmet equipped for the fight. If this was a ‘server’ first I am not sure how this was accomplished. There is a hunter that also has Rhok, the Epic bow that requires an item to drop off onyxia, as well as the leaf from MC, then several follow on quests.



The kills are both Sep 16, nothing to see here. It’s too complicated UI-wise to try to split a log across a bunch of calendar days, so it just gets put on the first day of log content (which might just be trash in this case).

It’s not usually an issue unless people don’t know how to log (which is more common in Classic with people unfamiliar with how logging works in modern WoW).