Incorrect encounter IDs in the WarcraftLogs zones endpoint

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I’ve encountered pretty strange problem (i know it might not be the problem as WL might be using “internal” encounter ids for the fights", but why??), encounter ID returned by the WarcraftLogs api is not the one provided by the Blizzard API.

For example:

  1. Lets query the Blizzard Journal API for the Ny’alotha, the N’zoth encounter ID will be 2375
  2. Lets query WarcraftLogs Zones API for the Ny’alotha, the N’zoth encounter ID is 2344
  3. The problem is that 2344 is the encounter ID for the “The Champion of Light” boss in the BoDA
  4. So how can i link this data if it is kinda incorrect?

Here i tried to map encounters by their names, still, even some names are not the “canonical” ones

They’re not incorrect. They’re just from a different encounter ID table.

Blizzard (for reasons I don’t really understand) has two completely different encounter ID tables. The IDs that my API returns are the ones used in the combat log itself in ENCOUNTER_START and ENCOUNTER_END events. They do not match the ones you see in their new progression API (or in the API you mentioned).

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