"Unkown Zone" issue - not logging boss fights

I’ve been having this issue for close to a month now, where seemingly at random some days the live logging will work, and other days it won’t. What I see in the live log is that the zone is showing as an “Unknown Zone” even though I’m in CN, and you can see that the log recorded the trash before Shriekwing, and then a reset wipe on Huntsman, but the entire Shriekwing fight was not logged, and the Huntsman fight is being considered trash:


In the time I’ve been having this issue, I’ve looked through the settings of MrRobot, DBM, Raider IO, ERT, etc to verify that non of them have conflicting auto-logging enabled, I’ve also cleared the log folder manually, disabled/re-enabled advanced logged, disabled/re-enabled /combatlogs, etc. I have also uninstalled and re-installed the companion app (I use Overwolf)

The tests that I’ve been doing more recently to reproduce the error is I’ve been going into a Mythic PF instance and skipping trash to get to the first boss. I do as much damage on the first boss as I can and as you can see from the log below, it’s still showing an Unknown zone and considering the boss fight as trash.

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated

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Realized I forgot to share the second log I mentioned from the Mythic dungeon test: