Fire elemental/Storm Elemental enhance logs not being invalidated?

Was just looking over some Mythic Ursoc logs for Enhancement Shaman and noticed a few parses that should probably be invalidated but not sure if they are/will be. Some of these top parses are casting Fire elemental as an elemental shaman pre pull and swapping to enhancement shaman before the boss is pulled.

The fire elemental stays with you as an enhance and gives you extra damage on the boss that probably isn’t intended by blizzard as it’s free dmg from another spec, that isn’t cancelling out when you swap specs. Was curious if logs such as these will be invalidated by warcraft logs or if it’s something blizzard is fixing etc. A couple of examples are ahead.

This person linked above got 2.19m dmg from their fire elemental

This person managed to get 2.66m dmg from a storm elemental.

Just wanted to bring parses like these to warcraftlogs attention as any parses on any boss that use this trick should probably be invalidated. I can’t imagine this is intended behavior by blizzard.