I can't rank my log on Warcraft Logs

I had uploaded 2 logs onWCL.I can’t find my rank,it said “There are no ranks in this report for this boss. If the zone is frozen (e.g., an older zone or an older ranking partition), then it will not contain any ranks. If you believe this is an error, you can try clicking the Export button below and see if that fixes the issue.This fight was uploaded to the US and Oceanic region. You may also want to check if your GM/Officers have placed your guild in Stealth Mode. In Stealth Mode, only kills uploaded directly to the guild’s reports section are allowed to rank.”

I think maybe the region is wrong, because I’m in China

Please help me.

Here’s the link: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft


You uploaded it to the US region. You need to upload it to CN. You pick the region in the uploader (next to the personal logs dropdown).