Can't rank my log on WCL

I just enrolled as a golden patron on WCL but can’t get my wow classic log ranked, here’s the link, it said " There are no ranks in this report for this boss. If the zone is frozen (e.g., an older zone or an older ranking partition), then it will not contain any ranks. If you believe this is an error, you can try clicking the Export button below and see if that fixes the issue.

This fight was uploaded to the China region. You may also want to check if your GM/Officers have placed your guild in Stealth Mode. In Stealth Mode, only kills uploaded directly to the guild’s reports section are allowed to rank."

Here’s the link, please advise:

And i did reach out to since 5/27, but this still has not been resolved so please help

This log was uploaded to retail (BFA) instead of to Classic. I moved it to Classic for you so it should rank now. Make sure you select Classic in the uploader next time! If you have Classic properly selected in the uploader, you’ll see a background with Ragnaros.

thanks for fixing that, do you know usually how long it takes to be ranked in search (like realm and region)? I can see the rank score under my log but still couldn’t find my ranks in search

nvm it popped thanks