Cannot see ranking data since early April

My user id on is Sher1D.
I upload logs for my priest Shersei on Moonglade quite often.
I’ve noticed recently that the logs show in my personal logs but not in the rankings when I search for Shersei.
Also when I check a log in my personal logs and then view rankings tab get the message…
"There are no ranks in this report for this boss."
Re-exporting does not change this.

I have advanced combat logging turned on and have had since I can remember.
The issue seemed to begin in April.
Just wondering how I can get to see my rankings.

Here’s an example…

Appreciate any help you can offer for this,

Sounds like you may have selected the wrong region (US vs.EU) in the uploader. Double check that you have the right one selected.

Hi, cheers for the quick reply.

I had EU selected, not something I’d ever changed, however I switched to US and back, uploaded the logs again and it worked, I can see the rankings.

Thanks again for help.