No Rankings for recent fights

I’ve had the following problem for 2 weeks now, every log i upload works completely normal except for the rankings. WCL tell me to re-export the fight every time i reload the page, then says the fight hasn’t been processed by the server yet, even on my log from 2 week ago. Advanced Combat Logging is enabled, Combatlog.txt isn’t too large, i’ve also tried to reinstall the Uploader. I’ve run out of ideas, thats why i turned to the forums for help.

Here is the 2 week old example of Antorus Normal:
And the exact same raid, logged by another player, with working ranks:

Hope you can help me get back to parsing and padding :smiley:

You probably have the wrong region selected in the uploader, e.g., EU vs US. In the pick a guild section, after picking your personal logs, make sure you have the correct region selected below.

Thank you, that was indeed the problem! :smiley: