Hunter using Feign Death before Blood Price counting as a true death in logs


On reviewing some sire re-prog from last night I noticed one of our hunters consistently showing as dying first. Some of these deaths were showing as during p1 despite the player not actually dying in p1 for the entire night. On further inspection and asking the player involved I believe its an interaction between using Feign Death for the DR and being hit by blood price as all the death logs are showing as Falling deaths. The player in question is Alicce and the log is below set to the deaths to show the issue I’m seeing.


This thread seems to be related, I believe its because of the way that WCL infers feign. As you are getting BP stunned directly afterward the parser believes it was a true death

This is the DR buff gained, perhaps looking for this buff could be a decent indicator that feign was used?

Do you still have the original log file? Feign death was actually fully removed from the logs a while back, so this is a surprise to see it return. It might be that it got brought back in 9.0.5? I would need to see a raw log file to confirm.

Hey Kihra,

Try grabbing it from this discord link, if it doesnt work let me know and I’ll upload it elsewhere.