[Bug Report] Feign death counts as real death sometimes in Logs

Hello this is my first post here,

I noticed that sometimes when i use feign death as a Hunter for a longer period (because of my legendary) it counts as an actual death in the logs. Here are a few examples from our Il’gynoth fights. I always feign death after we nuke the first 8 Nightmare Ichor because of the heal from my legendary. The problem is that it counts as a real death in the logs. This is highly annoying and happens nearly every time I feign death for a longer period for healing (around 3 seconds I guess).


The first death is always the feign death ability that i use to recover health i didn’t die at all at this time.

I hope this is the right place to report this bug.

The logs actually don’t tell me whether a death is a feign. I have to try to infer it based off activity following the feign. I have a lookahead cutoff of 10 seconds, so if you don’t take an action within 10 seconds, I assume you’re dead for real.

I’ll try upping that to 15 seconds. Will probably fix this issue.

Thanks for that fast reply. I hope it fixes it. But 10 seconds should be more then enough. I usually feign death (to heal) for around 3 - 4 seconds at this time in the fight because aspect of the turtle is active so i cant attack anyway.

I didn’t look at all three examples, but the first one looks like 12 seconds before you cast again.

Yes this could be true aspect of the turtle is active for 8 seconds where i just need to survive the damage after the 8 Nightmare Ichor. Then there is a little time window until another add spawns and i am on my position. All in all this could take 12 seconds you are right. So upping it to 15 seconds should help

Thank you

Getting off topic, but if you turtle as they are casting, the ichor debuffs won’t even apply.

Omg i am stupid then i could just cancel the turtle after the ichor cast and can do dmg to the Deathglare Tentacle.

Thank you again :slight_smile: