How is the overall "raid" allstar points computed?

For some of my characters, the sum of each individual bosses allstar points is equal to the amount shown for the “raid”, for others this is not the case where the raid score is less than the sum.

Just trying to understand how this is computed, thanks!

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Hi there! It’s easiest to answer if you include links to what you’re seeing. You could be looking at the ‘All’ partition, which includes scores from more than one partition (but ASP is locked to one partition, and the total score shown is your highest one).

All Star Points are computed once a day, you can read more here: Rankings and Parses | Warcraft Logs

For example, this character
is showing 756.91 “raid” points (for lack of a better term), but if you add the individual bosses up the sum is 820.46

Thanks for the link, unless I’m missing something, I’m not seeing how the overall “raid” points are calculated (just the individual boss points).

There’s two partitions for Aberrus, you can see them at the top here. If you select 10.1.5, you’ll see the partition you have the highest All Star Points from. ASP is only summarized from one partition, as it is relative to rank 1. The ‘All’ view shows your best parse across both partitions.


Ahh gotcha thanks!