How 'complete raids' value is calculated?

Got a log here:

log avg says 656 dps, but if I sum all my 8 bosses DPS and divide by 8 it will be 691.55
How logs calculate it?

Ok, looks like I got it. You divide full damage to bosses on full bosses fights duration.
The questions are:

  1. Does it work the same in MC?
  2. Did you make it to avoid vael dps with BA?
  3. Do you understand how much Chromaggus and Nef fight cost now in ‘complete raid’?
    it`s like 2/9 of your total from CHromaggus fight, if you are not lucky with calls. Instead of 1/8
    So basically now you can do an awesome job on first 6 bosses, fail with Chromaggus calls and forgot about parses.

Probably it`s better just to exclude person logs from ‘complete raid’ if DPS got BA? happens so rare…
Otherwise, at the moment 6 bosses cost almost nothing in total numbers.

This is just example, how people already trying to abuse it.

maxing fight time for 1 person. GG admins.

This is another example, how lucky calls gives XN 460 DPS in complete raids just from ONE FIGHT with current logic.
And with ‘avg’ logic it could be just 262.