BWL Log Not Counting as a Completed Raid

Our guild just finished a BWL run and I have a completed log here:

But for some reason, it does not show up as a completed raid for anyone. Clearly all 8 bosses are logged and it even “looks” like a completed raid, but it won’t show up under anyone’s individual characters as a completed raid. The only guess I have is that I did not start the log until the first three Razergore Adds died. Yet the log still counts Razergore as logged. Does hitting the “Live Log” start midway through the initial Razergore pull invalidate a complete run? Is there anything I can do to fix it?


Cheque of (Rattlegore server)

Had this one occur myself a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to do /combatlog until the first three mobs around the orbs were dead. As far as I know to count as a complete raid you have to log everything. The Razorgore fight on Warcraftlogs only is the part where you actually kill the boss, but to have it count as a whole raid you also have to log the trash before.

Yeah, can’t establish the complete raid total time if the beginning is missing.

Is there any way I can fix this in a setting or on the back end? It seems kind of ‘unintended’ that this happens. I understand it was my fault for not logging at the start, but I realized it midway through fighting the first three minions and turned it on. This is in no way any attempt to scam a log or anything. Just kinda sucks for everyone that it won’t be counted as a ‘complete raid’.