Complete Raid does not work/ is used over all star points


Please comment your opinion on completed raid and if it works, and if you use all star points or complete raid parses.

Complete raid rankings have not worked for my guild, we have completed raid 9 times. And only one has counted as a complete raid. I think that these numbers are misleading, and should go back to being all star points. I have talked to a number of prestigious players, and many have stated they go by all bosses setting and use all star points. No one uses complete raid setting and it doesn’t even work. Take a look at my character Cantoo - Sulfuras. You will see we have a number of raids there were complete that have not been calculated. I should be on the top 3 when you look at the server, but it has not calculated a complete raid in over a month. All star points have been the way it was done for many many years and this recent change is first off misleading because it includes trash, and secondly is not a good way to judge performance overall. I save cooldowns on trash and consumables for boss encounters. Please revert to the way, your website has worked from its inception or fix the logs. I should have a log that ranks higher than all but one of my server, but it doesn’t count as a completed raid.

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For complete raid, just make sure you log all trash, including the very first pull of the giants.

I have. Look I linked 9 clears. And only 1 has been calculated. Something is wrong on your side. And either way this makes no sense to rank boss encounters. The best healers or dps on the server should be on boss encounters not trash. Especially when it only counts 1 out of every 10 clears. This mode has gotten a lot of flack on twitch, and in the competitive scene. They have suggested starting to move to other websites. I would like to see all star points not complete raids which fail to render to be the prevail stat. As it has been since the inception of your website. I have been in the competitive scene for years, this new calculation is bogus, and many have left your website for others because of some of these flaws.

Just as a test this week we uploaded three separate logs to test if there is a difference on how it is logged, as our masterlooter and logger stays behind and does loot while we clear trash. The main tank logged and was their for the entire raid. All 3 did not register as a complete raid.

It was all the top guilds who asked for Complete Raids in the first place. I would suggest hopping in Discord and discussing it with some of the other people there. I have no strong opinion about what the default should be, but many people asked for Complete Raids to be the default over per boss ranks, and made the same threats about leaving for other web sites if I didn’t make Complete Raids the default.

This is actually the first time I’ve heard anyone ask for the original version back, so I would definitely suggest discussing it with the rest of the community in Discord. I do not play Classic, so I have no opinion either way.

I would have no issues with this method if it worked. The majority of the guilds on my server have saw it not work correctly. If we could find a way for it to work consistently like the og way then I think it would be fine. I have used the graph thing, to isolate the entire raid and would be up there in the top of my server, but for me and many others it doesn’t render. I have no desire to use another website, just in my experience this doesn’t seem to work.

It does work. I looked at your clears. None of them are complete. Several of them are missing bosses, several of them have no trash logged, and then the others have incomplete trash logged.

I should add this will get simpler/easier for future raids like Blackwing Lair. Only Molten Core requires trash checks, since otherwise people would pre-clear trash before engaging Lucifron.

This is because our GM who does loot and the log stays and does DKP while we continue to clear trash. It shouldn’t be a requirement for the main tank to be logging. Makes no sense. There should be some sort of disclaimer given. Because if you look at the majority of players they have completed 10 kills on all the bosses and again only 2-3 are marked as completed raid. Not everyone is rushing through the instance and skipping loot. If we knew this we would have someone else logging, and may have done raid differently. Our guild is very competitive and our whole team is discouraged because of our logs not being counted.