Hivemind Drone Damage Poll Results

With 15,005 total votes, 59.40% would like drone damage included, and 40.60% would like drone damage excluded.

If you filter this poll by level of progression, at the top 100 Mythic guild level (by speed), 56.55% would like drones excluded. This number falls as you go down the speed ladder. At the top 500 level, 50.73% want drones excluded.

As the poll aged, the breakeven point slowly moved towards the top, i.e., 50/50 was around top 1000, then it moved to be around top 900, and by the time the poll ended was up to around top 700.

We will be respecting the results of this poll and putting drone damage back into Hivemind. Note this does mean that Hivemind will have to be removed from DPS All Stars, so that change will be occurring in conjunction with the drone damage being put back in.

Note that recrawling this boss will take a few days to get everything sorted, so it will look like everyone is getting free 100s until this recrawling has finished. Just be aware that none of your ranking numbers will be real or truly settled down until the recrawl finishes.

but why does it need to be removed from all stars?

does that mean you remove shadhar from allstars? watch this replay of a demo lock cheesing shadhar. so its okay to cheese damage long as if it’s st dam?

this is the issue i have. If a class design means you get extra damage because of a natural cause, why should a class suffer? Pad damage means doing damage that is meaningless in order to bring up a parse. if youre for example sitting there padding on a fury warrior to gain more damage but dont do damage to darters or the ravagers and end up having a wipe because of the ravager not dying on time because of a warrior that’s obviously padding. which was an issue i had with a warrior that i removed from my mythic guild eventually.

Darters actually have to die, and you can do so faster by maybe having a fire mage hold combust. I feel like the hate is aimed towards ignite. Which is kind of dumb. Why should fire mages suffer because of the innate nature of their spec when there is players that actually pad?

I would be happy to poll it.

Edit: This is now being polled, so you can go vote on it.

I will let the poll run for a bit longer, but the majority (especially on Mythic) want it gone from All Stars, so I will be respecting what they want.

How was that warlock cheesing? I see he’s like standing in the moat which… doesn’t seem right, but how? I know as a shadow priest, i can hover over it, but I fall in soon after and not really reliable. In P2 though he’s with the group, and P3 he’s just standing away from everyone else which also seems pretty normal.