Event API Filter and Restrictions

Yo !

Ive been fiddling around with the Event API Endpoint to be able to analyze how top healers are using their healing spells.

Ive hit two snags:

  1. The API only returns 300 entries at a time, i know this is by design but when i try to load all events for a single encounter it results in 500+ requests. Im not certain but maybe 50 requests of 3000 entries would be easier on the server ?

  2. Im only able to filter on very few fields via the filter parameter, maybe thats my own ineptitude though.

‘type=“cast”’ works perfectly, so do all others i have tested like ‘type=“cast” or type=“encounterend”’ also works.

However i was unable to write a filter that filter by sourceID even if i restrict the type to casts. Am i doing something wrong or is that just not implemented ?

Anyway i just wanted to let you know that the tools you created are incredible, i hope you can find a way to monetize them in a sensible maner. The bandwidth alone must cost a fortune ^^

The filter is any expression, so you can filter on anything pretty much. Just chain things with “and” and “or” if you need to make complex expressions.