Healing on Targets with Debuff While 'X' Number of Debuffs Applied

I’m trying to figure out how to capture the healing done to targets with a certain debuff, and only while 1 of those debuffs is applied to the raid. Specifically, I want to see the healing done to targets with 4 stack of “Debilitating Spit” on the Shad’har fight in Ny’alotha. Currently, “Debilitating Spit” does not have a stack number tied to it in logs.

So far I’m able to see healing done only to targets with the debuff on them regardless of stack count using a pin, 2$Off$#244F4B$healing$-1$0.0.0.Any$0.0.0.Any$true$0.0.0.Any$true$0$and$auras-gained$-1$0.0.0.Any$0.0.0.Any$true$0.0.0.Any$true$307358$true$false.

I’m also able to capture the specific casts that apply the 4 stack spit since it happens in an exact order each fight using the following expression “MATCHED type = “applydebuff” and ability.name = “Debilitating Spit” IN (1,8, 15) END or MATCHED type = “removedebuff” and ability.name = “Debilitating Spit” in (1, 8, 15) END” (Casts 1, 8, 15 and on are the casts that apply the 4 stack spit).

What I need to do is to be able to filter all of the healing done to targets with the debuff during that window where only 1 target has the debuff on them. Or have Debilitating Spit have a stack property above 1 so I can use an expression from that angle.

I did notify Blizzard about the Debilitating Spit stack bug in logs.

Anything I can do regarding my other expression? I can’t seem to use ‘in range’ together with ‘MATCHED’ types.