Expression syntax for showing Aflame stacks only when more than x

I’m trying to show a nice visualisation of how many and when people are getting above a certain number of Aflame stacks on Fyrakk, but having some trouble with the syntax. This is what I tried first:

type = "applydebuffstack" AND = "417807" AND stack > 10

This seems to show me who crossed the 10 stack threshold, but the graph displayed makes it look like the people who crossed that threshold were there the entire fight. When I just use the built-in stuff in WCL, I get a nice visualization showing when people got any stacks at all, but I want to only show when they cross the threshold. The built-in stuff I’m referring to is like when you add this to the URL:


Any help is much appreciated!


This question is much better asked in our Discord server where tons of people can help you with it.

Here’s a link to it! Warcraft Logs

Have a great day!