Guild Transferred - Logs Lost?

My guild from US - Medivh transferred to US - Whisperwind a while back. I’m trying to pull logs for HFC Mythic progression from last year, but there seems to be nothing on the books.
Are these logs permanently gone because of their guild xfer? Is there anything we can do to recover these?
Thanks in advanced.

Guild reports don’t get deleted if you move a guild to another server. If your reports are gone, then someone must have deleted them.

Thanks for the quick response. Would they have remained on the old guild’s profile, or do they normally transfer to the new guild?

Another question somewhat related, do temp logs due to not being a patron get perma deleted, or is there a way to dig those up?

It depends on what you did. You could either have made a new guild on the new server and left the old guild alone, in which case the reports would all still be sitting with the old guild.

If you edited the old guild’s info and moved it to the new server, then the reports would still be with the new guild.

I haven’t run the deletion script since Siege of Orgrimmar, so reports haven’t been deleted on my end. :slight_smile:

You probably get tons of people asking you to manually recover it. I’m not familiar with logs, but is having an admin manually search for them the only way to recover these logs?
Found out my GLeader deleted the guild not thinking it would wipe the logs.

Sorry, no way to manually recover logs. If he deleted them, they’re gone.

Thanks for clearing this up. I appreciate what you do. Cheers.